Why does the Boys & Girls Club need an Endowment?

The purpose of the Boys & Girls Club Endowment Foundation is to "secure the financial future” of the Boys & Girls Clubs Yellowstone County.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Yellowstone County is a charity in the truest sense, which means the children (and families) we serve are, for the most part, not in a position to support the Club financially. We are committed to keeping the Club affordable to any child; therefore, the Club depends on individual donor contributions, grants, special events, and earnings from the Endowment Foundation in order to support its operations and continue to grow.

How much of my donation goes to Boys & Girls Clubs of America?

None, 100% of our local gifts are invested with our Endowment Foundation for the benefit of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Yellowstone County. While the Boys & Girls Clubs of Yellowstone County does pay a nominal membership fee of approximately $7,500 per year to BGCA, the Club recieves over 10 times that much money in grant dollars, advertising and program support.

How are earnings on permanently endowed funds allocated?

The Endowment Foundation’s board of directors is committed to seeing our permanently endowed funds continue to grow. For this reason, the board has chosen to allocate 45% of earnings annually to grow each endowed fund. Then, if a donor has chosen to benefit a club project such as facility improvements, 45% of the annual earnings are designated for that purpose. The remaining 10% of earnings (or 55% if there is no designation) are available for the board to use at their discretion for areas of greatest need.
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