School-Year Member Sponsorship

During the school-year, for the children who need us most, the time between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm is the highest risk time of the day and when they need the Boys & Girls Clubs of Yellowstone County the most. 

To make sure the critical experience and services found in our Clubhouses is available to these children the Board of Directors waves the $180 school-year membership for well over 50% of the kids who call the Club home each day after-school.  
Since 1971 members and businesses in our community have invested their time and treasure to make sure the Club is available after-school for every child who needs it regardless of their families financial situation. We would ask you to consider investing the Club and providing a school-year scholarship for one or more of our members who could use a little extra help.

 Sponsor A Child Today!!
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